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The Smartrow infrastructure is a fully integrated micro data center contained within a single row

A simple, fully integrated row-based infrastructure combining up to ten racks / data center cabinets, with precision cooling, UPSs, power management, monitoring and control technologies, and fire suppression; all in an enclosed system.

The SmartRow offers a modular data center design that is ideal for:

  • Build outs of new or existing small data centers
  • Build outs of new or existing mid-sized data centers
  • Remote data centers for larger enterprises requiring standardized infrastructure
  • Standalone development environments
  • Standalone disaster recovery


Improve Productivity and Agility

Intelligent and self optimizing

  • Infrastructure management
  • Flexible rack PDU
  • Cable knock outs
Reduce Life Cycle Cost

Economical and efficient

  • Save up to 30% on anual energy costs
  • Save up to 28% on room upgrades
  • Up to 36kW of supported critical load
Reduce Downtime Risks

Resilient and highly available

  • Prepacked design enables easier expansion to ensure future flexibility, easier moves, ads and changes
Deploy Rapidly

Rapidly deployable and scalable

  • Reduce time and cost of implementation, through an integrated design
  • Optimize space efficency
Increase Security

Secure and safe

  • Increase physical security and equipment protection with lockable cabinet

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