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When it comes to UPS efficiency... it pays to know the facts.
For most data centers, cooling is a top three energy expense.And while new technologies are making it possible to reduce cooling costs, exactly how much requires a closer look. Find out how by downloading the checklist now.
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With Emerson Network Power’s latest technologies you no longer have to choose between availability and efficiency.
Cooling Hot-Air Claims about Efficiency. Read the advertorial
By the numbers
44% Number of data centers that list equipment efficiency and energy costs as a top-three concern*. 38% Amount of total data center energy consumption applied to cooling **. $5kEstimated annual savings using EC fansinstead of 10hp centrifugal fans ***


Data Center Users’ Group 2012 study.


2011 Data Center Efficiency Analysis and Cooling Systems White Paper.


Based on 10HP motor fan and $.10 per kWh, 80% speed, fans installed in raised floor.

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