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Evolution of Compact Perimeter Cooling

  • 1971
    Liebert Challenger

  • 1979
    Liebert Challenger 2

  • 1990
    Liebert Challenger 3

  • 1994
    Liebert Challenger 3000

  • 2015
    Liebert PDX & Liebert PCW

  • Industry-best efficiency in its class
  • Greater protection through Liebert iCOM™ thermal controls
  • Highest capacity per footprint
  • Flexible configurations
  • World-class service and support

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Greater Thermal Protection & Efficiency for Small Critical Spaces

Bob Spengler

Bob Spengler

Thermal Application Manager for Small Systems

Computer rooms and small spaces are relied on for increasingly business-critical applications, such as branch office operations, telecom, cloud computing and medical diagnostics. See how the Liebert PDX and Liebert PCW systems can deliver high levels of protection, efficiency, capacity and flexibility for these spaces.