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Turning Your Customer’s Data Center Into a Strategic Asset
Emerson Network Power’s Unique Perspective on the Market


As a provider of data center infrastructure management tools, Emerson Network Power has a unique perspective on the data center. Our hardware and software tools monitor the health and status as well as manage the performance of the underlying infrastructure to ensure high application availability. Our experience dealing with thousands of customers over the past 20 years has given us insights into the best practices the industry leaders use, which we would like to share in this newsletter.  Read more


Top 3 selling points your customers want to hear

Partners are perennially faced with the challenge of making customers understand new technology. The same is the case for DCIM which can be a sizeable investment.  Here are three important topics to address with your executive team.
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Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) technology is capable of collecting, consolidating and integrating data across IT and facilities systems to provide a centralized real-time view of operations that can help optimize data center efficiency, capacity and availability. From generating alarms to delivering the visibility to identify and remove stranded server capacity while safely tapping unused infrastructure capacity, DCIM brings together data from disparate systems to create a unified view of the data center. Read More

     WHO'S WHO?

Hitesh Prajapati, country manager, Emerson Network Power Malaysia

Hitesh manages and leads the Malaysia business, focusing on expanding Emerson’s customer base across key market verticals including telecommunications, banking and finance, and industrial sectors. He brings with him his tremendous experience in the channels business by continuously fostering relationships with Emerson’s valued partners and distributors.

Hitesh first joined Emerson Network Power in 2003, based out of India. Following the success of building the India channel business, Hitesh moved to Hong Kong in 2005 where he was named director of Emerson Network Power Asia’s channel business. Under his strong leadership and strategic management, Emerson’s channels business grew successfully and became a significant contributor to the overall business. In 2010, Hitesh was promoted to senior director of channels and market development in Asia, driving strategies and leading the development of key verticals. Concurrently, Hitesh will also serve as the senior director of strategic accounts in Asia, where he is responsible for driving strategies and connections to penetrate select accounts for the regional business.

Hitesh holds an MBA from SIBM, India and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pune.


Emerson Network Power recently reinforced growth in converged solutions with the recent SmartCabinet regional launches held in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Karachi. Addressing partners, customers and top tier media, Emerson’s solutions experts showcased the breakthrough technology which integrates power, thermal management, enclosure, power distribution, monitoring and infrastructure management all in a simple packaged solution. Read more

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