January 2015    
Top 6 Data Center Trends in 2015

Data centers are undergoing fundamental changes as management shifts their focus to issues such as speed of deployment, manageability, scalability, efficiency and security. Data center managers are seeking innovations to give them the agility needed to respond to changes both in the data center ecosystem and in the markets they serve. Read more

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   switched off its data center!

As a way to test its disaster recovery resilience, Facebook endeavored to shut down one of its data centers for one whole day. The location was not specified, but Jay Parikh, the company’s global head of engineering, said tens of megawatts of power were switched off to test how systems were going to respond.
While a few minutes of unplanned data center downtime could critically impair certain companies, it was a “pretty boring” day for the Facebook team, since all company’s efforts in fortifying its operations for disaster recovery paid off. Not everything worked 100 percent, and the team did put some improvements on the roadmap. But the overall system persevered, and the applications stayed up, and Parikh’s team is planning to continue such stress tests.

Putting this piece of trivia in the context of your own company, can you afford to shut off your data center for one whole day?

In relation to this month’s stories,
how confident are you about your own company’s disaster recovery plan?

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Cloud giants weigh into Asia
Datacenter Dynamics

This surge in demand has led major data center operators such as Google, Digital Realty Trust and Global Switch to set up large data centers in the region over the last few years. With more choices than ever, one challenge is the difficulty of differentiating between a good or lackluster cloud provider, particularly in the area of security and data privacy. In Singapore, this challenge has berthed the Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard for Singapore which aims to help businesses better understand different cloud offerings by certifying their security practices. Read More
The Global Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service Market Will Post a CAGR of More Than 50 Percent Through 2019: TechNavio
Yahoo! Finance

Large organizations and SMEs are expected to embrace hybrid cloud disaster recovery, with the market growing 52% from 2014 to 2019. Adoption of hybrid cloud disaster recovery services by businesses eliminates the need for a secondary disaster recovery site, enhances traditional disaster recovery solutions and delivers disaster recovery solutions for remote offices. Hybrid cloud DRaaS will also help reduce expenses, retain data on premises for fast local recovery and protect physical and virtual operating systems and applications. Read more
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