September 2015 Issue    
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Mining the Future: Automating Mining Processes

The mining industry is undergoing transformation. Faced with increasing demand, mining companies strive to innovate to improve processes and meet business challenges. Today, mining automation is not just a concept, but a reality. Being a traditionally labor-intensive industry, mining has now turned to technology to simplify production processes, creating new challenges to critical infrastructure.
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Chloride CP-60Z 5-60kVA

The Chloride CP-60Z industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system is the result of latest industrial requirements combined with R&D innovations to offer an Industrial UPS with improved efficiency and reduced operating costs.

The mining industry in 2016: Sensors, robots, and drones (oh my!)

Pressed for profits and low prices, mining companies are turning to technology to revamp their operations and rethink their cost structures. Read More
Why Western Australia became the center of mine automation

Labour costs were the key driver that led to major investments in mine automation in Western Australia, says Greg Lilleyman, Rio Tinto's technology and innovation executive. Read More

If you are engaged in mining operations, which technology is your key investment priority within the next five years?
Emerson Network Power Supports Critical Continuity of Mining Equipment Supplier

A global provider of operator training simulators for the mining industry sought to upgrade its ageing UPS systems used to provide back-up power to its advanced equipment simulators. These UPSs have become insufficient for protecting sensitive electronics. As their products became integral to the operations of many of the world’s largest mining companies, it turned to Emerson Network Power for an advanced UPS system to improve performance and enhance availability.

Emerson Product Deployed:
• UPS: Liebert GXT

With Network Power’s true online UPS technology, the company’s equipment experiences continuous, clean power regardless of the power source. In the event of power dips, surges or brownouts, the equipment will continue to operate unaffected.

Etienne Guerou
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     Emerson Network Power Industrial Systems Applications
Our industrial-grade UPS systems are designed to meet the unique requirements of the following industries:
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