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Smart Manufacturing: How IT is Revolutionizing the Factory Floor

The hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) – the umbrella concept of connecting anything and everything to make our lives easier and smarter – has reached even the manufacturing industry. While the idea of Smart Manufacturing is not new, it presents a different set of challenges to the physical infrastructure on the factory floor. 
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Emerson Network Power Helps Global Automobile Manufacturer Achieve Manufacturing Automation

One of the world’s largest car manufacturers has turned to Emerson Network Power to support its move to automate its manufacturing facility in Thailand.
Global Manufacturing Outlook 2015

What does the future look like for the manufacturing industry? KPMG takes a closer look with its Global Manufacturing Outlook 2015 report. Click on the image below to view the full infographic.

Source: KPMG Global Manufacturing Outlook
Emerson Network Power has a wide range of solutions that support your move to automate your manufacturing floor, by intelligently and seamlessly integrating hardware and software to help you achieve Smart Manufacturing.
Industry 4.0 and Energy 4.0 for Southeast Asia

As the leading industrialized economies move to intelligent manufacturing – or industry 4.0 – it will be interesting to see whether the developing economies of Southeast Asia can take the opportunity to leapfrog ahead with economic development.
Meet Asia's New Manufacturing Powerhouse: Vietnam

If you thought Asia's manufacturing giants are just China, South Korea and Thailand, say hello to a new one: Vietnam. Its benchmark purchasing managers' index for manufacturing has expanded -- a reading above 50 -- every month since Aug. 2013, according to HSBC and Markit Economics.
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