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Customer Experience Center

Emerson Network Power continuously strives to provide the best solutions by working collaboratively with our customers to solve their technical and business challenges. Our state-of-the art Customer Experience Center reflects our commitment to offer a wide range of data center solutions that address the increasingly complex nature of customer infrastructures.
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Best in class products that display technology leadership, indoor and outside solutions that are modular but can be fully customized as well as network wide monitoring and Energy management solutions that integrate service support around Asia will be featured in future editions of CommsConnect.
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Stick-Build or Prefab Data Center: Emerson Network Power Helps IT and Telecom Leaders Evaluate Their Options

Prefabricated data centers transform traditional data center construction practices by manufacturing and testing an entire facility offsite in modules before shipping and assembling those modules onsite. The result is a state-of-the-art, tightly integrated facility that can be deployed faster and at a lower cost than a similar facility using traditional construction practices. Read More

The Wall Street Journal identifies some of the would-be “features” of 5G:
  • Peak Data Rate: 10 Gigabits Per Second
  • Reaction Speed: Less than 5 Milliseconds
  • Network Reliability: 99.999%
  • Number of Devices: More Than 1 Million Per Square Mile
  • Energy Efficiency: 10% of Current Consumption
  • Max Speed of Reliable Coverage: 300 Miles an Hour

Despite of the lack of clear picture as to what this new technology is, many are planning to launch it by 2020.

What's the fuss over 5G?

As the telecom landscape continuously evolves, here’s another buzzword that has emerged: “5G.” So what is 5G, exactly? Nobody knows for sure…yet.

Leveraging HVDC Technology in Telecom Data Centers

Worldwide demand for broadband and wireless services is growing at double-digit rates as businesses and consumers rely more and more on high-speed and mobile communications platforms. The networks that service those systems require power — a lot of it. It should come as no surprise that there are energy inefficiencies within these telecommunications networks. Read more

NetSure Series HVDC Total Solution (240v and 400v)

To meet the growing market demand for high voltage power supplies for use in data centers, Emerson Network Power has launched a new-generation large capacity DC power supply solution - NetSure. Available in 240v and 400v variants, this solution fully utilizes Emerson's overall technical advantages in communication applications. The DC power system incorporates a wide range of capabilities such as digital dual-DSP control, active PFC, soft switching, and centralized heat dissipation. Its distinguishing features include high levels of reliability, safety, efficiency, and power density as well as robust scalability, energy efficiency, and environment protection.


● Rectifier module         ● Load distribution cabinet
● Controller module      ● Battery control box
● Rectifier cabinet          ● Insulation detector
● AC cabinet                    ● Battery detection device
● DC cabinet

Download brochure links for both 240v and 400v solutions.